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Day One: Emma

July 27, 2010

On day one Emma Castle, Senior Graphic Designer explains her role in the Boutique story:

The branding was clear from the outset that something fun and very different to the rest of the brand was needed. Whilst retaining the DNA of Jaeger, the graphic black, white and red, paint brush, expresses the fun and freedom side of the brand. In addition to the carrier bags we have collaborated with Julie Verhoeven in producing a fabulous wallpaper illustration which will feature across the business.

For launch in store, and for the windows we have included elements from Julie Verhoeven illustration, combined with a fantastic neon sign.  Regent street and the pop up store in london will also have additional elements in 2D and 3D.

I am also very excited that we were able to produce a limited edition poster of Julie Verhoeven’s illustration. This will be available in store and given to customers with their online purchase as part of the launch newspaper!

Boutique in one word: Diverse

Look out for Emma and her teams hardwork in and around stores from 5th August!

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