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A Stylish Night of Results

August 19, 2010

Tuesday  was the night for revelations and celebrations as we revealed the winner in our Boutique by Jaeger styling challenge and what a night! As the new Boutique shop filled with fashion and blogging sensations, air kisses and chatter got into full flow. The latter mostly focussed on who would be the styling star bagging the first prize in the competition.

As Creative Director Stuart Stockdale, carefully judged the ten entries, our guests got work sipping champagne and munching on the tasty treats of personalised  boutique chocolates from the gorgeous Vintage Patisserie, LOLAS cupcakes and mini burgers. Silencing the room with the announcement that a decision had been made, it was unveiled that the lovely Emete, Editor of Make Lemonade, had won the styling challenge crown. Chosen for her chic look, Em stepped up with her surprised face as applause filled the shop.

The second crown of the night was awarded to Stylenoir for storming ahead in the facebook element of the styling challenge and receiving the most ‘likes’ on their look.

Here’s some of our favourite photographs from the night…

Congratulations and clinking glasses continued as few by few the bloggers slipped out into the night leaving Boutique with the stylish memories they created.


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