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Boutique Chats To…Make Lemonade

August 24, 2010

At our Blogger Styling Event, we got to meet some of the best in the business. Em from Make Lemonade really caught our eye with her great personal style and in fact styling after winning the competition. Sitting down for a quick chat, Em shares her love of vintage and  inspiration behind Make Lemonade.

What’s the inspiration behind Make Lemonade?

I’ve always been interested in styling and personal style blogs, but felt that I wanted to do something unique that wasn’t the same as a lot of others out there. My boyfriend and I came up with the name and we found that many people were being directed to the site after looking up lemonade recipes, but it just grew from there.

Tell us about your experience as a fashion graduate?

I think the industry is lucky enough to be so popular, that it’s inundated with interns and people willing to work for free, so it can be difficult for a graduate to break into fashion. I set up Make Lemonade Vintage Shop alongside the blog as a way of keeping myself going and having some fun.

You’ve just been travelling, which country do you think is the most stylish?

In terms of style, I’d have to say Italy. In Milan, the people are so stylised and it’s even reflected through the architecture and surroundings of the city, everything is very clean and shiny.

What pieces are you looking forward to wearing next season?

I’ve just finished rifling through all the September issues! I’m really looking forward to straight tailoring, but I’m never sure if it would suit my body shape. I bought a cape 2 years ago in an Aquascutum sample sale, so now I’m excited that they’re on trend. I love vintage and recently, my Grandmother brought back a lot of my Mother’s old clothes from the 60’s and 70’s, so I’m having lots of fun experimenting with things like crop tops.

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