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Boutique Chats To…Freak Deluxe

August 31, 2010

This week, we’ve got another great interview from our Blogging Style Event. Cyrena, from Freak Deluxe spoke to us about the inspiration behind her blog, her style and what she has planned for the future.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I like blogs, but I wanted to create something that was going to be informative as well as visually pleasing.

Tell us about Freak Deluxe?

Freak Deluxe is a blogzine, with fashion, beauty, technology, culture, music and art. I came up with the name because I like to combine things that are a bit different. I wanted it to be deluxe because it’s lush and fabulous. I looked up definitions of “freak” and it means addict and I wanted people to be addicted to my blog.

How would you describe your style?

I really like tailoring and getting dressed up. I love denim and something I can throw on but still looks good. I think the best way to describe it would be casual-luxe.

What’s on the radar for Freak Deluxe right now?

London Fashion Week is obviously a big one. One thing we’re really looking to develop is a street style section called, Deluxe Freaks. I’d like to see the styles of different areas of London and see how they compare.

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