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Boutique Chats To…My New Best Friends

September 7, 2010

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Karena, Founder and Editor of My New Best Friends. Known for her endless knowledge on the ins and outs of London and her brilliant insight into what’s new on the fashion scene, we couldn’t wait to talk to her about her blog and her thoughts on the industry.

What motivated you to start My New Best Friends?

I was really bored on maternity leave and wanted to channel my boredom into something creative. MyNewBestFriends started as a way of answering all the questions my friends and family were constantly asking, ‘what should I wear for my date tonight?’ ‘Where can I take my best friend for a fabulous surprise birthday trea?t’ etc. A kind of lifestyle guide. My obsession for all things fashion evolved the little blog I had into the website you now see.

How do you think blogs have changed the fashion industry?

I’m impressed with the attitude of most industry professionals who no longer see bloggers as a negative influence but as a very important marketing tool for their brands. There are only a handful of bloggers who give us a bad reputation, most of us are extremely passionate and respectful of the way the industry works.

Do you read other blogs?

I try not to read any other blogs too much as I wouldn’t want to subconsciously influence the way I write or present my website, plus I never seem to have much time. I do however, every now and then kick back on a Sunday night and check out what my fellow Glam Media squad have been up too.

What do you feel constitutes a good blog?

Honesty, humour, not taking it too seriously and knowing what you’re talking about which comes with passion and experience for what we do.

Where’s you favourite place in London to hang out?

There are so many! The Star in Bethnal Green is this great Indie old school pub with a karaoke room, I love it. For a date, it has to be the rooftop of Coq D’Argent which serves the best Martini’s and looks out across the whole of London.

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