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Jaeger Celebrates Fashion with Vogue

September 9, 2010

The London streets came alive last night as Vogue, brands and shoppers came together to celebrate the one thing we all love….FASHION for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out! Kicking off as the office day ended, the Jaeger Regent Street store entered into the party mood as the champagne cocktails started to flow and DJ Cozette McCreery took to the decks, sparkling in her Boutique sequin jacket.
As her urban vibes filled the store and beyond it seemed many couldn’t resist the temptation to pop in and celebrate with Jaeger. Chatting to stylish shopper Sam (we’re loving her bowler hat) she shared how she’d been drawn in by the tunes and “spotting the Boutique collection through the doors!”
The evening continued as we mingled, you mingled and Vogue mingled with many only taking a rest stop to see our new ‘Fashion Through the Decades’ exhibition on the first floor. It was here that we had a catch up with Vogue’s Fashion Features Writer Sarah Harris….a very exciting moment for out Boutique blog! We can’t wait to share this with you soon!!

Drawing to a close as the clock struck 9, the Jaeger team finally stopped but all with big, beaming smiles from another amazing Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. What a perfect way to warm up for London Fashion Week!

See all the pics from last night here

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