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Boutique chats to Vogue’s Sarah Harris!!

September 10, 2010

Many young girls dream of working in fashion, yet even stepping a neatly pedicured toe into the industry can be hard enough, let alone landing ‘the’ job. Yet one woman who’s achieved many a little girls dream is Vogue’s fashion features writer, Sarah Harris. During Jaeger’s celebrations of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, the lovely Sarah (on the right) took a moment to have a quick chat with us…

So Sarah can you fill us in on where you’ve been so far on Vogue Fashion’s Night Out?

Tonight I started at Armani where the evening kicked off, then I went on to Mui Mui before popping into to Kurt Geiger then here to Jaeger

How have you found the buzz on the London streets tonight?

It’s been great! It’s really nice to see so many differently aged women just out shopping and having fun with their friends and family.

Do you feel Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is an important event?

Yeah I do, it’s the second year that we have done it and I think this year is bigger than the last. There’s more stores involved and more people out on the street so I would say yeah…it’s a great success.

So after this year’s success who would you love to see get involved in next year’s event?

That’s a hard one as most of them are to be honest…I think the one store I’d love to see open would be Dover Street Market. They’re not open tonight so I’d love to see them open for the night next year.

Whilst we’ve got you hear we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Boutique collection…

It’s great…it’s completely innovative and it’s a great move by Jaeger to introduce the brand to a whole new group of women. I love the designs and price point which help it appeal to a whole new audience for Jaeger.

Looking to the future with your amazing fashion eye, what would you love to see Jaeger do next?

Gosh…i’m trying to think what else Jaeger could do that it already hasn’t. You show at London Fashion Week, you have a line for every age so it’s really hard. What i’d love to see would be a young London designer to come onboard and do a capsule collection…Yes that’s it!

On that note we let Sarah slip off down the bustling Regent Street to continue her action packed fashion night as we smiled thinking about London, fashion, Jaeger, shopping, Boutique and all our other loves!

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