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Boutique Chats To…Style Noir

September 14, 2010

Ever wanted that little bit more than just passive reading? Wanted to feel challenged? Wanted to become involved? Well Stylenoir are giving their readers just that. The online magazine delivers exclusive content, high-profile interviews, street style and unique fashion content. Taking a little time out of his hectic fashion week planning, Stylenoir’s Editot-in-Chief and Boutique’s competition winner James Mills gave us an insight into the Stylenoir world…

James Mills (Stylenoir) & Stuart Stockdale (Jaeger Design Director)

Letʼs start at the beginning…how did Stylenoir come about?
Stylenoir began two years ago out of a desire to create an original and unique platform in which to inspire and impact. The bottom line is that I want to inspire and motivate people to achieve what they have only dreamed of before, if Stylenoir achieves that, even for a select few then it is totally worth it.
How has Stylenoir filled a place in fashion communication that other media types left bare?
It was Vice Magazine that said “Stylenoir brings forward the fashion and culture that others overlook” which I personally think sums it up quite nicely. We cover and push forward topics that not only spark debate, but other media outlets may miss. We have a huge respect for our loyal readers and try to communicate with them as much as possible, social media has been a brilliant tool for this and we are currently hoping to hit 10,000 Twitter followers before LFW in September.

James Mills (Stylenoir) & Cyrena Arnold (Freak Deluxe)

Has there been any backlash? Does Stylenoir revel in this?
Stylenoir stays true to its beliefs and ethics without compromise. There really would be no point in doing what we do if we didnʼt. I never started this for popularity, the point is to make people think for themselves, to let them come up with their own opinions by creating debate and sometimes yes, controversy.
In relation to “backlash” yes we do stick our head above the parapet on many occasions, we single-handedly defended McQueen with the whole Selfridges window display horror, and have turned down advertisers who were anti-fur to name a couple of examples, but saying that I donʼt think a backlash exists as such. I think we are known as the anti-hero, the outcast who can speak out beyond good and evil, to set things right.
With the blogosphere becoming so crowded how does Stylenoir keep at the forefront?
The word blog gets passed around like a bad joke, nowadays everything is a “blog” when in reality, by definition it means “web log”. Stylenoir is run as a magazine, trademarks, exclusive content, interactivity and high-profile interviews, far from the original definition of a blog, I think that might be what gives us the edge. Iʼm not a comic book villain though… Iʼm not about to give away my plan for world domination just yet, but lets just say an expansion in new media and style is about to dawn.
Do feel that mass communication has changed the fashion world forever?
Itʼs a delicate balance, it brings forward interactivity and gives more power to the public, it is a good thing that news can travel faster further, it is a good thing that unethical news corporations no longer rule the airwaves. However we have to be careful, just because someone is independent and not ruled by politics does not make them automatically right. The same problems arise, ulterior motives are still present. So yes, of course it has changed the fashion world forever, some will say for good, some will say for bad. I mean, two decades ago, would it have ever crossed someones mind that Conde Nast might have magazines folding under financial pressure and that 14 year old kids would be beating them to the front row? If anything the change in mass communication just reinforces the saying, “People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.”

James Mills (Stylenoir), Amy & Emma (Boutique Marketing team)

What blogs do you respect and read yourself?
Personally, the one I read the most is Nikki Mooseʼs Dirtyflaws, content and aesthetic are just bang on, she has a great talent. One I would tip for future success is Hillary Frazier with sheʼs a little new media genius who has more punch than Mike Tyson on a bad night out, step the content up and we have the next big thing.
Forgetting all constraints, what would be the pivotal blog post for Stylenoir?
I interviewed Bryce Aime a few weeks ago who promised that if we created a Stylenoir Army, that he would create the uniform. I think when that army of women clad in off white and vibrant red uniforms and jet black body armor plant the black flag of Stylenoir in the final of the Fashion Week catwalks simultaneously across the entire planet. Yes, that would make a good day, would create quite a substantial post, and possibly some kind of style apocalypse.

If Stylenoir was a persona…describe her to us? Who would she wear? Where would she hang out? Oh wow, she would be an iniquitous, malevolent creature, a seductive femme fatale with the hidden strength and aggression to win against her opponents. She would definitely have to be a little insane, maybe quite mad in fact. As far as hangouts go, the scene in Dark City comes to mind where Emma Murdoch is singing in a dark, smokey Jazz club, the tone is very film noir, but I would imagine her much more of a villain, maybe an amalgamation of Harley Quinn, Danica Talos and Maleficent
As for fashion, there would be a monumentally dark wardrobe. If I could have my way Hannah Marshall, Dora Mojzes, Bryce Aime, Maria Francesca Pepe and Todd Lynn would enter a colossal battle royale, the result would be an entirely black wardrobe consisting of oversized shoulder pauldrons, patent encased armour, matte leather with draped chains and thick wolf fur giving one hell of a sinister silhouette.

WOW… watch out fashion world, Stylenoir is here and at the forefront of the action! Keep an eye out for James and his team at London Fashion Week where they’ll be bringing you all the latest from the shows.

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