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Boutique’s Emma heads to B-E-S-T-I-V-A-L

September 17, 2010

This time last week, the office was eerily quiet as many of our team were waking up in the Bestival fields ready for their weekend of magical fun. By Tuesday this had all changed on their return! After hearing all the Bestival tales we asked the lovely Emma from marketing if she’d like to share her Bestvial fun. She kindly said yes!

“I have to admit, returning home on Monday at 5pm stripping and jumping straight into the shower was probably the best feeling in the world. However, once fresh and clean it dawned on me that the dream world that was Bestival had ended and I was back in the real world…and dare I say it…summer was officially over…b-u-m o-u-t.

Arriving at the ferry last Thursday morning, there was a happy and excited atmosphere…while some tucked into a hearty fried breakkie others settled their stomach with the first cider of the weekend.

Reaching the site, I started to feel slightly pleased that none of the girls I was with had been to Bestival before and so were unaware about the hard slog to festival fun ahead! Seriously tired from the early start, we loaded each other up like donkeys and tried to balance ourselves as we prepared for the trek to the campsite. There was definitely a moment where the moods dipped as our backs, shoulders and arms felt like they may give way and the queues began to form.

The walk felt like a lifetime but finally the archway which read ‘Morning Campers’ appeared in the distance…sods law it was on top of a great big hill. It was every man for themselves as we powered through and finally reached the green campsite and set up. Soon the pain subsided and the good moods returned…

Thursday was meant to be a chilled one of course as there was no big acts…but like everyone else, the excitement was too much and we set out to explore and got a bit carried away. Waking up a little worse for wear on Friday morning, we started to plan our weekend…and what a weekend. From start to end it was full of magical fun as we dressed up, danced, wandered, explored and of course watched the great line up in action…

My Bestival highlights…

  • Example was the starting point for me, he got the crowd going and there was a great vibe.
  • Dizzee of course – insaaaaane
  • Bollywood tent was the place to be as well as Sailor Jerrys
  • Annie Mac presents on Saturday night
  • Fat Freddys Drop
  • and finally…a chilled Sunday evening moshing to the Prodigy!
  • ‘Bestival…? more like worstival…’ – cheer up Fras

Low Points… going to the toilet!

I’m running out of space so I’ll end with three little words….

Take me back xxx “


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