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Slurp? Dunk? Gulp?

October 15, 2010

There’s some typically English things that are impossible to live without and a cooked breakie is surely one. But when you find yourself amidst serious breakfast need any old sausage sometimes just isn’t good enough, so when we found S & M (Sausage & Mash!) to be the place to go we couldn’t wait to share. Perfect for Sunday morning hang outs and catch ups….the queue for a table only makes you want it more!! We love the workers breakfast £5.95 (choose 5 items plus tea/coffee and toast), the perfect soak up, fill up and tasty breakie.

And if Sunday conversation is proving a little too hard, why not take bets on who’s going to be labelled with each of the following cups, the loser treats to an afternoon drink!


4-6 Essex Road
N1 8LN
Telephone: 020 7359 5361

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