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Affordable. Art. Fair

October 21, 2010

Stuck with what to do this weekend? The affordable art fair opens today in Battersea park so why not wrap up warm, brave the cold and hunt for a little something to hang on the walls.

Thursday 21 October 11.00am – 5.30pm Late View 5.30 – 9.30pm

Friday 22 October 11.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 23 October 11.00am – 6.00pm

Sunday 24 October 11.00am – 6.00pm



October 19, 2010

We can’t stop playing…Two Door Cinema club ‘I Can Talk’.

Ironic as this is also something we are pretty good at too!

Boutique. Girls: Anna. Karina.

October 18, 2010

Last week we shared the iconic Bande à part dancing clip and this got us thinking once again about Anna Karina; the model, actress and muse and yes…60’s icon. Anna’s French New Wave style, smokey eyes and natural beauty all make her perfect for a little 60’s reminiscing.

Arriving in Paris in 1958, a chance discovery whilst sitting in Parisian cafe began Anna’s modeling career for the likes of Coco Chanel and Pierre Cardin. Yet with the feeling of so much to give Anna entered into the actress world, be it with a small part in a Palmolive add. It was this part that grabbed the attention of Jean -Luc Godard and soon Anna was staring in his films and private life. But after nine films (Le Pettie Soldat, Une femme est une femme, Vivre vie to name a few) and six years of marriage Anna divorced Godard and moved on. For some this may have tarred their future success but not for Anna. She continued to make films and even maintained a successful signing career with songs written for her by Serge Gainsbourg!

One to admire for sure!

But did you know?
Anna first met Jean -Luc Godard in 1960 about a cameo role in the film Breathless but it seemed the meeting did not go to plan. Upon discovering that the role was a naked one, Anna voiced her opinions and refused the role. Yet seemingly Anna’s defiance towards Godard did not last long as one year later they were married.

Slurp? Dunk? Gulp?

October 15, 2010

There’s some typically English things that are impossible to live without and a cooked breakie is surely one. But when you find yourself amidst serious breakfast need any old sausage sometimes just isn’t good enough, so when we found S & M (Sausage & Mash!) to be the place to go we couldn’t wait to share. Perfect for Sunday morning hang outs and catch ups….the queue for a table only makes you want it more!! We love the workers breakfast £5.95 (choose 5 items plus tea/coffee and toast), the perfect soak up, fill up and tasty breakie.

And if Sunday conversation is proving a little too hard, why not take bets on who’s going to be labelled with each of the following cups, the loser treats to an afternoon drink!


4-6 Essex Road
N1 8LN
Telephone: 020 7359 5361

Boutique Chats To…Fashion Love Life

October 14, 2010

We met the lovely Jacqueline of Fashion Love Life at our Blogging Style Event back in August (summer now seems so long ago!). She talked to us about her love of all things fashion and her great blog…

Tell us about your blog?

Fashion Love Life is a place for me to compile all the things I find online, really. I was always showing my friends bits and pieces and I’m a stylist too, so I thought a blog would be a good way of pulling it all together.

How did you find styling the Boutique collection today?

Great. It has a very “city girl” feel about it. The design is very chic and is something that can be fashionable but also transcend seasons.

Sum up your style in 3 words?

Classic, chic, elegant.

Do you have a favourite item in your wardrobe?

It has to be my Chanel 2.55 bag!

Where’s your favourite place to hang out in London?

My favourite place is a bookshop on Finchley Road, it’s so calming.

Short and sweet!

Films. Films. Films.

October 13, 2010

So now that summer is officially over and we’ve had our last little bit of sun (thank you Sunday), the arrival of the London Film Festival has come at great timing. Show casing 197 feature films and 112 short films from around the world it’s big. We’ll be spending an evening or two in the company of the French Revolution films but we may even try and sneak into Danny Boyle’s 172 hours. Definitely for the filmography and not for James Franco of course!

The BFI London Film Festival takes place across various venues from 13th-28th October.

Who Are The Boutique Girls?

October 12, 2010

It’s common knowledge that the style of now has an edge of then, but  who are the ‘thens’ when it comes to Boutique? Get ready for our celebration of the daring, the quirky and the individuals who each have inspired Boutique along the way. Enter the Boutique Girl Series.


Beginning with the symbol of bikini revolution, icon of style and a lady holding style close to heart, Peggy Moffitt.

The Californian girl is often known as premier model and muse to German fashion designer Rudi Gernreich with whom she defined her signature image; false eye lashes, big eye make up and the modified bowl hair cut.

The role of fashion model as muse owes much to Peggy and her late husband William Claxton.


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