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User Guide

The Boutique by Jaeger blog is our place for you to become involved with our dazzling new brand. You’ll be able to keep up to date with all the latest Boutique news whilst joining the conversation on all things that inspire us from trends to culture to you.

Please comment, chat and socialise with Boutique by Jaeger in the positive and stylish manner that is at the heart of our brand.

So before sharing your thoughts please have a quick read of Boutique by Jaeger’s user guidelines:

  • We’d love for you to become involved with your comments but please do not include any personal information including your email address, telephone number or your actual address.
  • Please do not post anything that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive including posts of the racist, violent, illegal activities, financial gain or rude nature. These will be removed immediately from our lovely space.
  • We do not allow comments from users with names that could be considered as offensive or inappropriate by the Boutique by Jaeger team or any other user.
  • We would like advertisers to refrain from posting messages within our space.
  • We ask you not to link to sites that require registration or downloads within your comment posts.
  • Please do not plagiarise other peoples thoughts, comments or work within your own comments.
  • We ask you to consider other users when making comments and to make sure that what you post is easily understandable, therefore no coded messages.
  • Keep all other users in mind and treat them and us how you’d like to be treated.

Thank you for joining the Boutique by Jaeger conversation!

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